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Seoul, South Korea – April 18, 2019 – People and Technology Co., Ltd. (PnT), a leading solution provider of LBS and RTLS technology, was appointed as the provider of Worker Safety IIoT Solution at the construction site of Samsung Employees’ Dormitory in Giheung, South Korea.

People and Technology’s IndoorPlus+ solution includes;

– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tag: attached on a safety helmet of workers

– BLE Hub & BLE Scanner: collect tracking data from BLE Tags and transfer it to the server

– Tracking data server with Monitoring software: process data to generate data analysis


LBS IoT people and technology construction worker safety

PnT’s IndoorPlus+ solution covers this multi-floored construction site, tracking workers’ moves and prevents the workers from entering a hazardous zone. In case of emergency, workers can use SOS button built in the Tag and get assistance from outside of the premises as needed.

This solution secures site with BLE scanner, which constantly receives workers’ location data and hands it over to the server. On the server-side, the administrator can monitor the worker’s status per floor to have an overview of the work progress. When a worker presses the SOS button on the Tag, which is attached to the helmet, the monitoring tool shows exact pin-point location of the worker and dispatch help within Golden Time period for rescue or evacuation.

The new Samsung dormitory building is expected to be brought to completion by October 2019. After its completion, PnT solution will be dismounted from the site and will be reused on a new construction site as mobile “on-the-go” Worker Safety Solution.


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