Smart hospital based on LBS-Supplied to 8 hospitals(as of Feb 2017)

People & Technology Co., Ltd. ‘s IndoorPlus + for SmartPhone solution boasts the largest number of IndoorLBS deliveries based on smartphones in Korea.
It is the best solution that provides a various service based on indoor location such as Turn By Turn Indoor Navigation based on the indoor location information of the hospital, parking lot guide, intelligent guide for hospital treatment order, automatic guide of location based medical order, mobile billing after treatment to visitors and outpatients of advanced general hospital.

(* Note: The IndoorPlus + for SmartPhone solution is supplied through the customer delivery process of our partners (distributors), so the performance of some partners may overlap with the customer’s performance of our solution.)

  1. Kyungpook National University Hospital
  2. Kyungpook National University Kyungsan Hospital
  3. Pusan National University Hospital
  4. Hanyang University Hospital
  5. Hanyang University Guri Hospital
  6. Peniel Nursing hospital
  7. Kangbuk Samsung Hospital
  8. Daegu Fatima Hospital (contracted)

——– Below is an ongoing consultation. ———–

  1. Shinchon Severance Hospital (Consultation as of Feb 2017)
  2. Gangnam Severance Hospital (Consultation as of Feb 2017)
  3. Samsung Seoul Hospital (Consultation as of Feb 2017)
  4. National Cancer Center (during consultation as of Feb 2017)
  5. Kyunghee University Gangdong Hospital (Consultation as of Feb 2017)
  6. Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital and other five affiliated Hospitals (Consultation as of Feb 2017)
  7. Asan Hospital (Consultation as of Feb 2017)

It is a stable solution enough to be able to launch Working Service right within one week after preparation of indoor map.

A solution that has the largest supply in Korea is for a reason! Need IndoorLBS? Talk to People & Technology Co., Ltd.!!!

Key differentiating features include:

  1. MAP side: By using Google map as a basic, it is easy to guide the indoor and outdoor integrated MAPs and hospitals from the outdoor (subway station, bus stop) area to hospital interior space
  2. GPS Longitude & Latitude Coordinate System: In order to provide outdoor guidance, the coordinate system is provided not by the relative coordinates (X, Y) but by the GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude).
  3. Real-time turn-by-turn navigation function: Provide route guidance from depart to destination in real time instead of simple route.
  4. Micro fence function: Set virtual space area up to 2m * 2m resolution, and recognize the enter / go / stary in the space area
  5. Android and IOS both feature: Android 4.3 or higher, IOS7.0 or higher
  6. Android and IOS both provide background location detection:
  7. Wake-up function: It uses all GPS, WI-FI, and beacon to wake up APP when entering the hospital even if user does not explicitly execute APP (Android & IOS support)
  8. Provide location-related functions needed for developing APP in hospital of Android and IOS in the form of Native SDK: When providing only WEB-based REST API, it is often difficult to service smoothly due to N / W delay.
  9. Almost no network usage during real-time navigation or location check: Due to the nature of the app running on the user’s smartphone, user’s inconvenience or problem may be caused when the network usage is high. In the case of IndoorPlus + SmartPhone, it downloads and caches maps and beacon coordinates initially, and downloads only when there is a change history, so there is little network usage during the actual navigation and positioning process.
  10. The best position accuracy in Korea (1.5 ~ 3m): The best position accuracy in Korea is achieved by the patented Location Positioning Algorithm. – MAX 1.5 ~ MIN 3m (The influence of density of beacon on position accuracy is only proportional to certain condition)