LG Display RTLS-based worker safety management(Worker safety)

Project Name: LG Display Paju factory Workers Safety based on RTLS

A. Problem to resolve

  1. Prevention of recurrence of human accident(2 deaths, 4 injuries) in January 2015
  2. Due to the factory automation, fewer workers are in the factory than in the factory scale and the location of the worker can not be determined in case of an accident so the in-house rescue team can not be dispatched to the correct location.
  3. It is highly likely that the loss of life will be increased by missing the Golden Time in the accident recognition stage due to the above reasons
  4. In the event of a similar accidents, tangible as well as intangible losses arises due to interruption of production line operation and analysis of cause investigation, etc..
  5. For socially respected companies, there is a need for a Smart EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) system and is directly related to the reputation of the company..

B. Solutions

  1. BMT performance from Dec 2016 to Jan 2017 (dropout during competition when performance requirements is not met)
  2. In Mar 2017, People and Technology’s IndoorPlus+ RTLS solution was selected as the sole solution that passed BMT
  3. 17 May 2017, 1st phase open
  4. Sep 2017, 2nd phase contract in place
  5. Expansion to Paju factory and Gumi factory are in plan in 2018

C. Effects

  1. Real-time location of workers
  2. Real-time tracking of workers (Prevention of accident occurrence and optimization of post-layout through walking paths analysis)
  3. Real-time monitoring at control center when direct signal raised through the SOS button of the BLE tag
  4. Accurate measurement of workers in each working area
  5. Reserved workers standby is possible when working time is exceeded according to working space and work type

D. Screen Shots