AMORE PACIFIC smartphone device security based on real-Time location tracking-MDM linkage

Panoramic view of Amore-Pacific’s Osan Factory

Inside view of Amore-Pacific’s Gimcheon Logistics Center

Project Name: Amorepacific  Smartphone device security based on real-time location tracking – MDM linkage

A. Problem to solve

  1. Due to the nature of the cosmetic industry, an intelligent creative industry, confidentiality of ingredients of various cosmetics is required.
  2. However, in the case of existing MDM(Mobile Device Management) system, the cost burden is increased by using GPS or installation of a number of Dummy WIFI
  3. In addition, GPS or Dummy WIFI performs MDM lock / unlock at proximity instead of real-time tracking, and its accuracy is low and there is a lot of malfunction.

B. Solution

  1. Introduced IndoorPlus+ RTLS solution of People and Technology which provides the highest precision of BLE-based RTLS technology.
  2. By utilizing Micro Fencing function of RTLS, it recognizes the access zone and connects with MDM server to process SmartPhone Lock
  3. The IndoorPlus+ 8-port BLE gateway is installed in the main gate or access control area of a factory or distribution center to track visitors in real-time.
  4. Access card holder type BLE TAG for passengers
  5. Automatically lock/unlock after sending PUSH Message to activate MDM Agent of smartphone in connection with MDM Server when user detects IN/OUT
  6. Full monitoring of locking/unlocking status of major security area from dashboard

C. Effects

  1. Automatic locking/unlocking success rate 99.99%
  2. Osan plant first applied and expanded to Gimcheon Logistics Center
  3. Flow Optimization based on People Tracking(planned in 2018)

D. Architecture