IndoorPlus+ for Smart Construction Project

Digitalizing Construction Sites

Seoul – April 27th, 2020 –  PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY (PnT), a leading solution provider of LBS and RTLS technology, announced that the company will participate in “Development of Smart Construction Technology – Applicable in Road Construction” by KICT (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology).

This project aims to create a collective intelligence through collaboration amongst various industry and technology players. The project is divided into 3 components;

  • Construction equipment monitoring
  • Digitalization of Construction Site
  • Automation of construction process and Quality Control

PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY takes a part in the 3rd part for process automation and will conduct an adaptation and improvement of their existing technology, IndoorPlus+. The company already has experience in successfully working with the same agency on the “Underground Wiring and Pipeline Monitoring” project in 2019, which monitors the condition of the underground objects to determine a maintenance schedule. With this milestone in this new field for IoT, the company is expected to contribute a data collection layer that will provide the initial raw data to process for further development of this project.

According to the interview with Korea Expressway Corporation, the main lead participant  of this project, “ The participating parties such as research agencies, universities, private tech partners will support Smart Construction Research and Development to provide a way to commercialize and build an ecosystem of the outcome to continue providing a consistent solution for the field of construction.”

(The pertinent article is available only in Korean. Please click here to view the article.)

This project is an initiative to adopt IoT in a new area where it was not considered applicable to IoT technology. Nonetheless, the effort to spearhead such a new experiment with participants with competitiveness and long experience in their part, it is encouraging news for PEOPLE AD TECHNOLOGY to expand its expertise into a new field


About People and Technology

People and Technology (PnT) provides actionable geolocation intelligence and smart sensing solutions. The company deploys Cloud-based or On-premise software solution to bring tangible value to enterprise customers around productivity and efficiency increase, safety, security while leveraging existing network infrastructure. PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY has deployed IndoorPlus+ solution in nearly 75 customer sites throughout its domestic and international markets and is expanding its network of system integrators and ecosystems partners to support its international growth. Visit us on or follow us on Youtube or Facebook.


Mag KW Kim
Marketing| People and Technology Co., Ltd.