Project Name: Yonsei Severance Hospital 2.5D Navigation(Indoor Navigation)

A. Problem to solve

  1. Resolve the problem of low readability of Smartphone Indoor Map in a large building when it is based on 2D
  2. When it is 3D, solve the performance issue raised by resource occupation problem of 3D rendering tool such as WebGL, Flash

B. Solutions

  1. Apply 2.5D-based Indoor Map +  Indoor Navigation Technology
  2. Apply 3D effect automatically by applying Bird View in 2.5D Map
  3. Apply to both Android and IOS
  4. No additional license charge (Map creation fee required)

C. Effect

  1. To be open on Oct 2017 at Yonsei Severance Hospital and Gangnam Severance Hospital
  2. Additional value added services and service for checking the location of cars in parking lot will be open on Nov 2017.

D. To-be Image