People and Technology Implements ‘RTLS-Based Safety Confirmation System for Remaining Workers’ at LGCNS Data Center


Seoul – July 8, 2024 –

People and Technology Co., Ltd. (CEOs Hong Seong-pyo and Lim Jin-soon), an enterprise AI service company, announced on the 27th that it has secured a contract to implement the ‘RTLS-Based Safety Confirmation System for Remaining Workers’ at LGCNS’s 2024 data center with digital twin technology.

This project aims to prevent various safety accidents and technical failures that can occur unexpectedly, which can lead to social and technological disasters. By introducing a smart integrated disaster management solution, the project is designed to establish a systematic safety environment process.

In this project, People and Technology will leverage its expertise in Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, which uses beacon tags and BLE scanners, to build a safety confirmation system for workers who remain on-site.

The ‘RTLS-Based Safety Confirmation System for Remaining Workers’ utilizes People and Technology’s industrial safety management monitoring solution, ‘IndoorPlus+ SmartSafety.’ This system enables real-time monitoring of entry and exit information, the status of remaining workers, and unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Location and identification information (such as names) of workers, tagged within the power distribution room, will be transmitted to the RTLS positioning server. The received information will be used for real-time monitoring after positioning calculations.

A representative from People and Technology stated, “The ‘RTLS-Based Safety Confirmation System for Remaining Workers’ uses Bluetooth beacon technology to visualize and monitor the location data of workers in real-time. This system not only helps prevent various safety accidents that may occur during work but also ensures swift action and response in case of unexpected incidents.”

PnT re-selected as 2023 Hi-Seoul Company for AI Excellence


Seoul – July 7, 2024 –

People and Technology Co., Ltd. (CEOs Hong Sung-pyo and Lim Jin-soon), an enterprise AI service company, announced on May 27th that it has been re-selected for the ‘2023 Hi-Seoul Company,’ jointly organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Business Agency (SBA).

The Hi-Seoul Company program aims to identify and support promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Seoul with high growth potential. It provides certification and support to help these companies leverage their verified capabilities in business activities.

Selected companies receive a certificate in the name of the Mayor of Seoul and can use the Hi-Seoul Company certification mark for their marketing and promotional activities for the next three years. Additionally, they are entitled to various benefits, including support for global expansion such as attracting foreign investment, exploring new markets, and receiving consulting services; participation in the Hi-Seoul Forum and B2B networking activities such as business matching among Hi-Seoul Companies; and incentives for projects supported by the Seoul Business Agency.

People and Technology, re-selected as a Hi-Seoul Company, was founded in 2014 and specializes in AI and digital transformation (DX) solutions. The company is dedicated to continuous research and development of core technologies in IoT, big data, cloud, and AI, and provides top-notch DX solutions across various business domains, including healthcare, industry, defense, smart cities, and the public sector.

Since first being certified as a Hi-Seoul Company in 2021, People and Technology has led projects such as the smart hospital model initiative, supplying and operating solutions in approximately 60 medium to large hospitals nationwide. In August 2023, they succeeded in winning contracts for the ‘Smart Hospital Model Introduction and Construction Service Project’ for nine public hospitals, including Daegu Medical Center, Wonju Medical Center in Gangwon Province, Cheonan Medical Center in Chungcheongnam Province, and three Gyeonggi Province hospitals: Pocheon Hospital, Paju Hospital, and Suwon Hospital. Their expanding influence in the digital healthcare industry and contributions to the advancement of public health and medical care were recognized with an award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

A representative from People and Technology commented, “We are pleased to have our technological growth recognized with this re-certification as a Hi-Seoul Company. We will continue our efforts to introduce DX-based enterprise AI services across various sectors.”

PnT and BigWave Robotics Launch Revolutionary RaaS Project for Smart Hospitals in South Korea

Seoul, June 25th 2024 – In a pivotal step towards transforming healthcare operations, People and Technology (PnT) convened a crucial kick-off meeting at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital yesterday. The gathering marked the official commencement of their ambitious collaboration with BigWave Robotics and Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital on the groundbreaking project titled “RaaS – Smart Hospital Service Robot Operation Leading Model Development”.

Under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT’s “XaaS Leading Project”, this initiative aims to pioneer the integration of cutting-edge robotics within hospital settings. The meeting, attended by key stakeholders and project leaders, set the stage for a concerted effort to leverage robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) to enhance hospital efficiency and patient care.

“This project represents a significant leap forward in healthcare technology,” remarked Seongpyo Hong, CEO of PnT. “By harnessing the capabilities of service robots, we aim to alleviate operational challenges and revolutionize smart hospital management.”

Project Overview

The XaaS initiative is designed to revolutionize industries by delivering products, technologies, and processes as digital services. As one of the 25 consortiums selected, our focus is on RaaS (Robot as a Service) tailored specifically for smart hospitals.

Addressing Critical Needs in Healthcare

Hospitals face significant challenges such as labor-intensive workflows and staff shortages, particularly during night shifts and weekends. Service robots offer a promising solution, yet their implementation is often hindered by integration complexities.

Our project tackles these challenges head-on with a cloud-based RaaS platform optimized for hospital operations. This platform streamlines the deployment and management of service robots across a range of critical tasks including medication delivery, specimen transportation, patient guidance, and facility cleaning.

Innovative Solutions for Smart Hospitals

The RaaS model offers numerous advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Implementation: By transitioning from traditional robot purchases to a subscription-based model, hospitals can adopt robotic solutions with lower upfront costs and scalable expansion opportunities.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The RaaS platform seamlessly integrates with existing hospital workflows, providing real-time tracking and automated updates to ensure efficient robot operation and coordination.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Its modular design allows for easy adaptation and expansion into various hospital environments, as well as potential applications in other sectors.

Key Project Milestones

  • Platform Development: We are actively developing a high-availability cloud-based RaaS platform designed to operate independently from hospital IT infrastructure, prioritizing both security and efficiency.
  • Tailored Scenarios and Billing Models: Our team is customizing operation scenarios and flexible billing systems based on usage to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers.
  • Real-World Testing and Validation: Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital serves as our primary testbed for implementing and refining these solutions, with plans to extend our model to other hospitals and industries.

Global and Domestic Impact

Our RaaS platform is poised to revolutionize not only healthcare but also other industries requiring automated service solutions. Successful implementation in complex environments like hospitals demonstrates its robustness and adaptability, paving the way for broader adoption domestically and internationally.

Expanding Abroad

Following successful testing and validation at Hallym University Sacred Heart Hospital, PnT plans to expand the RaaS solution internationally, with a particular focus on Europe and the Middle East. The Middle East, especially, holds strategic importance due to PnT’s established focus in the region and growing healthcare needs.

Specialized Robot Deployments

As part of this initiative, PnT and our partners are developing four specialized robotic delivery services tailored to address critical hospital needs.

These initiatives underscore our commitment to enhancing hospital operational efficiency, improving patient outcomes, and driving forward the future of smart healthcare technology.

At PnT, we are dedicated to delivering technology-driven solutions that address the critical needs of our healthcare system. Through our collaboration and innovation in RaaS, we are setting new standards for smart hospital operations, creating a sustainable and scalable future for service robotics in healthcare.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey to redefine smart hospital operations with RaaS, advancing efficiency, innovation, and patient care across the healthcare landscape.