Inchon International Airport is now a customer of PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY’s Industrial IoT solution

Inchon International Airport became the customer site of IndoorPlus+ solution of People AND Technology.

IndoorPlus+ from People and Technology is selected as “IoT based Smart Asset Tracking Solution” for important assets in airport not only limited into indoor place but also moving to outdoor area.

This “IoT based Smart Asset Tracking Solution” project is scheduled from starting on June, 2019 and will be ended on Dec.

People and Technology continued its success at the various industrial field area to cover various real time location tracking solution area.  People and Technology have once again secured its position as the No. 1 Solution Provider in the field of solutions related to Asset Tracking Solution in Korea.

We will do our best to provide value added service to customers not only in Korea but also overseas by supplying Intelligent Airport Solution.

* This project will be conducted through the acceleration program  Ministry of SMEs and Startups”