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Seoul – March 1st, 2020 –  People and Technology Co., Ltd. (PnT), a leading solution provider of LBS and RTLS technology, announced that the company has won a IoT platform deal for Yongin Severance Hospital’s new site. Yongin Severance Hospital is building a new site and will implement a real-time location tracking IoT system to monitor assets, patients, medical staff’s location. The hospital, which is 72959㎡ with a total of 21 floors, aims to be the medical hub in Asia by providing digitalized, automated service to the patients and ensure the hospital provides seamless yet the best medical service during their stay.

By adopting IndoorPlus+ platform, hospital assets, personnel, including patients, will be tracked and monitored for their location. By doing so, the following benefits can be obtained;

– Asset protection: Alert is triggered when the assets leave the assigned premise

– Reduce time for searching: Saves nurses’ time to look for things

– Collecting asset utilization data to forecast 1) future inventory planning, 2) asset allocation per ward

– Patient protection: prevent wandering, run-aways, SOS button to call for assistance in case of an emergency, immediate dispatch of help with real-time location of the patient

– Locate a doctor immediately in case of an emergency

– Reduce waiting time for patients, doctors, nurses by having medical equipment ready on time

– Improved patient flow

Going beyond location tracking, Korea’s the de Facto IoT platform standard, IndoorPlus+ is a consolidated platform, ready to adopt smart sensing devices on demand. It is already proven to seamlessly work with various sensing devices and data such as; refrigerator temperature monitoring for medical/lab medications, environment sensors to monitor air quality, humidity, and temperatures, biometric data. By taking the first step to build a digital innovation with Yongin Severance Hospital, the company expects to build a more detailed and personalized future of smart hospitals together with IndoorPlus+.


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