IndoorPlus+ for Smart Airport at Incheon International Airport

Bridging over the expanses, powered by IndoorPlus+

Seoul – December 16th, 2019 – The leading IoT platform provider, People and Technology Co., Ltd., announced that the company is the designated provider for Incheon International Airport’s asset tracking management IoT system. Incheon International Airport had recorded 67,680,000 international travelers last year and achieved to be the on the 5th place amongst 2000 airports worldwide. The airport was also nominated as the number 1 airport by Airport Council International (ACI) for Airport Service Quality (ASQ) from 2005 until 2017, hen the airport decided to step out of the competition voluntarily. The airport plans to accommodate 130 million travelers in 47 km2 by 2029. Along the way, the airport is not only planning on expanding the size of the business physically but also improve customer experience, airport management, and productivity by adopting intelligent solutions such as IoT asset tracking. To manage their fixed, mobile, and high-cost assets in the area of vast expanse, People and Technology was selected as the most competitive partner in terms of technological competitiveness as well as its custom-tailored solution to fit each industry verticals.

Asset tracking in an airport requirement expands from collecting location raw data to productivity improvement and objective intelligence to help purchase decisions. It is especially more critical when the premise has unique characteristics such as indoor/outdoor integration, wide-open area, and large-scale indoor hangar, and most of all, significantly high-valued depreciable assets. IndoorPlus+ platform by People and Technology will equip the airport with a basic location tracking solution and a compelling user tool, with which the user can overview, manage, and make an upkeep or purchase decision in the future. IndoorPlus+ is designed to be an open, consolidated platform, on which various tracking devices and sensors can be integrated as a part of the system. In this deal with Incheon International Airport, the company will adopt a motion sensor to monitor the utilization rate of the assets and analyze their productivity.

After the first implementation in the first half of 2020, IndoorPlus+ will extend its coverage throughout the airport. Furthermore, Incheon International Airport is planning to take this model as a prototype of Smart Airport and dilate upon its success by sharing with other airports in Korea as a part of new business derived from their Smart Airport project.

As previously mentioned, IndoorPlus+ is no longer limited by location tracking. It integrates various new sensing devices to procure smarter answers to the customers’ business-decision related inquiries. Expanding from the location-based Internet of Things to “Intelligence of Things,” it is expected that People and Technology redefines IoT in its next phase.


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