Making workplace safer with IndoorPlus+

Seoul – November 21st, 2019 –  People and Technology Co., Ltd. (PnT), a “de Facto” standard IoT solution provider, announced that the company had won another Power Plant deal. This time, PnT will provide worker safety IoT solutions for danger zones within the already established plant. People and Technology Co., Ltd. has been proven to be a reliable, effective solution with well-established credentials already in the market. Worker Safety in a large-scale workplace is now becoming the company’s yet another specialty area in IoT.

IndoorPlus+ solution by PnT will provide real-time worker tracking, restricted zone access control, and worker attendance checking. A Tag with SOS button will be provided to workers to be attached to their safety helmet. This small device – Tag – will send out a signal of the workers’ whereabouts and ensure that they do not illicitly restrict or danger-zone.

The tag, which will be provided to workers, has SOS button to call for first help in case of an emergency. With the real-time notification from the worker, the administrator can locate the worker and send out the rescue team in the shortest time. IndoorPlus+ solution will be deployed in 900m underground tunnel to secure the workers’ safety. The IndoorPlus+ solution package will also integrate with other 3rd party sensors; proximity, remote gas detector (CO2, CO, H2S, CH4, O2). After deploying all the hardware on-site, IndoorPlus+ platform will process all the incoming data and generate analytics to present an overview of the worker location in the danger zone. This is remarkable to notice that IndoorPlus+ is evolving to become an IoT open platform that can embrace many other 3rd party data collecting devices (tags, sensors…etc.). This transition is leading IndoorPlus+ to be the very heart of IoT services as we partner with more and more device companies.


About People and Technology

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Mag KW Kim
Marketing| People and Technology Co., Ltd.