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Seoul, South Korea – August 09, 2019 – People and Technology (PnT), a leading solution provider of LBS and RTLS technology, announced that the company is now a part of South Korea’s “Blockchain-based Postal Service (BPS)” project team. With people and Technology, customers benefitted from PnT’s IoT based solution such as location-based service (LBS) or real-time location service (RTLS) in hospitals, manufacturers, and various other businesses. Stretching out from its expertise in IoT, People and Technology strives to ride the next wave of Industry 4.0.

“Blockchain-based Postal Service (BPS)” is a pilot project by Korea Post in cooperation with KT, one of the major telcos in Korea, and People and Technology. The purpose of this project is to digitalize physical address into a digital format, i.e. QR code to protect personal information written on parcels and envelopes. Recipients can also choose whether to receive, for example, a bill in digital format or in traditional paper prints. If the recipient chooses to receive a paper bill, it is notified to Post Office’s printing department to start printing. It saves paper resources; thus, it is environment friendly. It also reduces the rate of “delivery failure” or “lost mail” for registered mail delivered to an invalid address. Korea Post expects to save approximately 65 million US, once the service is used nationwide.

KT is known to be a new player in Blockchain as a Service (Baas) market. However, KT is building a broad ecosystem for its KT BaaS Alliance to work with other solution providers such as People and Technology to add more value and to take a service-oriented approach to its Blockchain platform. During this exciting project, People and Technology built a basis for this post digitalization platform and software, which will be the front-end contact point with the end-users. People and Technology has notably much experience in providing IoT service solution. Hence the expertise of the company hold in terms of delivering value through service is worth a good remark in the future.

“Blockchain-based Postal Service (BPS)” project will be completed in November 2019 and will be introduced to pilot regions in Korea.



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