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Indoor LBS & RTLS SW Platform

Indoor LBS SW Platform Indoor Plus enables you to implement various Indoor LBS scenarios for your organization quickly and effectively.

Indoor Plus is designed as composition of modular components.

Adding new feature, upgrade of components can be done in simply way without affecting other components or downgrade of performance.

Indoor Plus tracks beacons attached to people/objects which allows locations management of people/objects in real time. Asset management/Security management/Risk management/Access Control of Asset are major area IndoorPlus can help you to solve the issues.

Indoor Plus can create Vitual Zone and allows to do programmed actions based on these Virtual Zones.

For example, special coupons can be delivered to customer only when he is in specialzed zone.

Indoor Plus accumulates location data for targets by timeline and provide

Heatmap and Tracking Line Drawing which enables operator can analyze the data effectively.

Indoor Plus provides accumulated data as Visual Statistics Graphs which helps the users can analyze the data effectively and provides insights from the data.