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Recent Activity

People and Technology is a fast-growing Indoor LBS SW Platform provider with Beacon Technology. It has proved its world’s leading technology by series of successful execution of Indoor LBS service projects in various business domains such as major national hospitals, baseball stadium, convention, duty free shop and more sites.

* The listed references are all using People and Technology’s IndoorPlus solution.


People and Technology’s IndoorPlus is Global No.1 Indoor LBS SW Platform mainly using Beacon Technology. It provides multi-funtioning features and superior performance compared to other solutions.

High performance with high level of accuracy (accuracy rate 2~3m)

Flexible solution independent to Beacon HW

Quick & easy deployment by simple attachment without additional construction work

Provides SDK and Reference for application developers

Uses latest BLE 4.0 technology which uses only low energy (1~2 years – 3V battery)

Component based solution & highly customizable

IndoorPlus+ RTLS is now with HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP DATA CENTER for Access control and Security Area

IndoorPlus+ LBS and RTLS brings more productivity and satisfaction to Hospital. Come to us and check it out the evolution of Smart Hospital

IndoorPlus+ Inside!!!.  IndoorPlus+ RTLS can be integrated in the Wi-Fi AP , CCTV, and whatever. Thanks to IndoorPlus+ RTLS powerful and flexible Software, the Samsung IoT Sensor AP (WEA403si Model) has been transformed into IndoorPlus+ RTLS compatible powerful Bluetooth Scanner. Check it out the detail story!!


Our goal is to deliver our technology to people and solve the issues for people and evetually makes people satisfied with our solution.
Our goal is to upgrade features and performance of our Indoor LBS SW Platform continously, and keep providing best Indoor LBS solution to users.
Our goal is provide Global No. 1 Indoor LBS SW Platform to people and we will not be stop our work until to reach our goal.

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